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5 Amazing Beaches In Latvia That Will Bring Out Your Inner Beach Baby In 2019

Summer is the season when various tourists across the globe and Latvians interchange their synthetic sunbeds and artificial UV rays for natural ones, and move out in search for their own spot under the sunny day, on one of the many beaches in Latvia. If you are here to experience some surf at the sea, conceivably the best choice is Jurmala, beach, with lots of places to opt from. For the further adventuresome, why not traverse out and have a look at few of Latvia’s other, rarely explored beaches in Riga Latvia?

We have discussed below some of the best beaches in Latvia, traveling where will undoubtedly give you an unmatched pleasure of being here and satisfaction of utilizing this vacation perfectly.

  • Jūrmala Beach
  • Saulkrasti Beach
  • Vecāķi Beach
  • Vakarbuļli Beach
  • Blue Flag Beach

1. Jūrmala Beach

Jurmala Beach

The phrase Jurmala implies “seacoast,” and is the combined name for a compass of cities placed in the nearby area of Riga’s city center. The most favored destination for beach-lovers is Majori – the central division of Jūrmala resort thorp, but you can further land the train at Bulduri, Dubulti, Lielupe, or Dzintari, and from any of those stations the beach is merely a quick walk towards the north.

This beach has been pulling travelers since the nineteenth century who come here in flocks for the white sand beach, fresh air, and spa therapies. This is the most beautiful destination for those who are looking at the Latvia beaches to have an exciting trip and make it an unforgettable experience.

Most of the tourists take a train ride of 40-minutes from the Riga station to the capital of Jūrmala, Majori, which has an active walker street named Jomas iela, that’s tied with eateries and a Blue Flag beach. This beach is also bordered with summertime patios providing lots of drink and food, but on a sultry summer day, the site will be packed with sunbathers. A lifeguard, clean public restrooms, and dressing rooms can also be easily accessible.

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2. Saulkrasti Beach

Saulkrasti Beach

In English, Saulkrasti means Sunny Shores. The Saulkrasti beach has a long-drawn stretch of hotels, homes, and restaurants mounting the roadway till Tallinn approximately 40 kilometers to the north of Riga. The drowsy thorp has lots of things to offer as this beach draws for over 15 kilometers, so getting the point to rest by the sea is never an issue.

If you’re seeking a more relaxing and peaceful place to take in the waves, travel north to the other sea coast of Riga. Train charges are simple as less costly, and the trains just as packed, but the shores are assuredly less so. You can take off at almost any place from Lilaste onward, and the waters would not be but a leap, jump and skip away from the station of the train.

If you are in Saulkrasti, apart from the beach, there are lots of more nature tracks such as the sunset trail, which prolongs over 3 km to the Sun Bridge from the White Dune. This will get you by the jungle but never much away from the adjacent sea to snatch a glimpse of the late northern evening. For other attractions and museums, tour the helpful visitor news center at 10 Ainazu iela.

3. Vecāķi Beach

Vecaki Beach

Baltic, Vecaki Beach surely be your perfect match if you are planning for a day trip to all the nice beaches in Latvia. This 8 kilometers long tape of sand bordered with pine trees is a fabulous getaway during the summer season. Enjoyment for adults and kids overflows. This sandy beach can be approached using any public transport. It is at a walking distance of around 10 minutes from the railway station of Vecaki, which is approx 20 to 25 min apart from the central station of Riga.

There are 2 perfectly-managed blocks of the public toilet on the beach and numerous cafes amid the seafront and the railway station. The starting week of September is an ideal time to visit here, at this time the beach is neither empty nor particularly crowded, a peaceful and familiar atmosphere all around. Various locals of Latvian generally forgo Jūrmala and move towards the north in an opposing way to the Vecāķi’s ancient fishing village.

After approximately 40 min exodus the train and simply get along with the masses of the crowd to the beach. Along with the path, you will get some cafés and kiosks where you can stock up on deliverables, and some more should be accessible immediate next to Vecaki beach. The beach is not as packed as the one that is there at Majori, though it’s yet pretty crowded on a sunny day and it’s among the best beaches in Latvia to go for seashore volleyball.

4. Vakarbuļli Beach

Vakarbuļli Beach

Vakarbuļli Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Latvia. This gorgeous beach is situated amid the chops of the Lielupe and Daugava rivers and any of the persons by picking up a small time can stroll in either way to have a look at these natural spectacles and point of attractions for themselves. A delicious ice cream stand and a beach café are commonly accessible as well as changing facilities, toilets, and a kid’s playground. During the summertime, this beach can receive lot of tourists and the local crowd which makes it look like a heaven for beach lovers.

5. Blue Flag Beach

Blue Flag Beach

During the summertime at the Blue Flag Beach, tourists will notice Beach football, volleyball, fields, and cafes. Kids can enjoy a diverse range of playground accessories like swings and slides. The seacoast has around an 80-meter broad beach area of bright white dunes and sand that in a few of the places strike an altitude of around 9-meter. This is among the most stretched beaches in Latvia for about 1.2 kilometers.

Facilities on the Beach permit impaired persons to relax at the seashore: they can get to the Beach utilizing plank-ways and dwell on specially crafted stands. We strictly appreciate the well-being of tourists. Therefore smoking is strictly banned on the significant segments of the Blue Flag Beach territory. In areas where smoking is tolerated are respectively signaled painted trash cans. An acknowledged rescue service operates on the Ventspils Beach.

Southern Pier is there next to the Beach; there is placed an inspection tower (19-meters above the level of the sea) by the Pier. There is also a divided section for nudists and a particular expedited Surfers Beach of around 500-meters length with suitable apparatus for making, saving and drying of surfing equipment. To shrink the path to the Beach for the tourists who wish to deal with the wind, there is a space for parking by the Beach.

The Baltic Sea coastline of Latvia is prolonged to around 500 kilometers and never halts to amaze its visitors with dunes, sandstone outcrops, cliffs, and rock dispositions. Latvia is a great destination for those who are looking to plan the trip to Europe which is full of beaches. We have mentioned some of the major beaches in Latvia that the beach-lovers must tour.

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Wedding Venues In Cambodia: 10 Places To Kick Start The New Chapter Of Your Life

Cambodia is fast emerging as the preferred holiday destination of people looking to holiday in Southeast Asia. The distinct traditions of Khmer culture, as exemplified in the world famous heritage temples of Angkor, are a major draw for tourists. However, Cambodia also has some of the most beautiful natural attractions in the region, including sandy beaches, uninhabited islands, and tropical forests. All these stunningly scenic spots make for amazing wedding venues in Cambodia for destination ceremonies, and indeed, several resorts offer attractive packages for hosting dream weddings.

If you are on a lookout for perfect wedding venues, we hope your search ends here. Here is a list of all the wedding venues in Cambodia that will make you want to rush here:

1. Amansara


The Amansara resorts are located in Siem Reap, only a stone’s throw away from the famous Angkor Wat complex. A former residence of King Sihanouk, the former royal retreat has been turned into a comfortable 24-suite boutique hotel. The spectacular setting of the resort makes it one of the hottest wedding venues in Cambodia, especially for couples who are seeking the privacy of such an exclusive establishment. The resort is only 15 minutes away by car from the Siem Reap airport, meaning guests would not have a hard time finding it. The resort has a capacity to seat 55 people for the wedding, and an equal number can stand..

Location: Amansara Resorts, Krong Siem Reap, Siem Reap

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2. Song Saa Private Island

Song Saa Private Island

This private island is one for true romantics – Song Saa in Khmer stands for sweethearts. With its gorgeous views of the Khmer rainforests and the Indian Ocean, this private retreat is hands-down one of the most beautiful wedding places in Cambodia. The resort offers all-in-one perks – the white sandy beaches that hug the brilliant blue waters, undisturbed coral reefs that you can dive for and famed Khmer rainforests that will make you want to get lost. The resort is built in a rustic Cambodian style, reflecting the history of celebrations that have been held here for about a hundred years. There is space for seating 70 people for the venue party, and an all-inclusive package covers everything from catering to alcohol and airport transfers.

Location: Song Saa Private Island, Koh Rong Archipelago

3. Memoire Palace Resort and Spa

Memoire Palace Resort and Spa

This resort, located in the Khmer royal city of Siem Reap, offers the perfect blend of traditional and modern amongst wedding venues in Cambodia. The wedding package includes elements of traditional Buddhist ceremonies, such as a Buddhist monk conducting the ceremony and traditional Khmer gifts for the bride and the groom. The wedding venue is alongside one of the many freshwater and saltwater pools that are sprinkled all over the resort, with seating space for over a hundred people. The lush green scenery and serenity of the holy town provide privacy that is hard to match elsewhere, and the excellent catering at the resort will ensure that your guests’ needs are always prioritized.

Location: Psar Krom Road, Svay Dangkum Commune, Siem Reap

4. Le Meridien Angkor


This massive international hotel cum resort in the historic city of Angkor is meant for you if you are looking for large wedding venues in Cambodia. The hotel has over 200 modern rooms that can house your wedding party guests overnight and for extended periods. You can choose from both indoor and outdoor wedding venues inside the resort, and arrangements can be made for both traditional Indian as well as Christian weddings. An all-inclusive package covers catering, accommodation as well as the wedding ceremony arrangements. And if you are planning to stay for an extended period of time, the hotel has an excellent spa and massage therapy center, a well-equipped gym and two restaurants that will take you on a journey of traditional Cambodian cuisine and fine wine.

Location: Vithei Charles de Gaulle, Khum Svay Dang Kum, Siem Reap

5. Palace Residence Villa


The Palace Residence villa is a dedicated wedding resort that promised the smoothest and most gorgeous wedding for you and your partner. A team of wedding planners at the resort will help you every step of the way in making all the big decisions for your big ceremony. You can choose between three wedding venues – the Royal Ballroom, the Apsara Pavillion and the Presidential Villa. The resort also offers enormous flexibility for the size of your wedding party, and you can seat and accommodate anywhere from 50 to 500 guests at the resort. Restaurants located inside the resort offer fusion European and Cambodian cuisine, and there are spa and gym centers so your guests can relax here at one of the highest rated wedding places in Cambodia.

Location: No. 555, Phum Krous, Khum Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap

6. Belmond Residence

Belmond Residence

Located right on the river that leads up to the legendary Angkor Wat complex, the Belmond Residence was one of the Cambodia wedding venues to open shop in the Siem Reap. The retreat offers an artistic venue for your dream wedding, combining elements of the famed Khmer way with all modern amenities to provide you and your guests with an enchanting and comfortable stay here. The resort has a huge saltwater pool, over 100 ensuite rooms and an outdoor wedding venue located in the lush green landscapes that surround the resort complex. The wedding planning team at the hotel will help ensure that you have a smooth and well-planned affair, with all your special needs and requests honored.

Location: Belmond La Résidence d’Angkor, River Road, Siem Reap

7. Sojourn Siem Rea

Sojourn Siem Rea

This shockingly gorgeous resort is located in midst of traditional Khmer rice paddies and palm trees, making it one of the best Cambodia wedding venues you will find. The Sojourn is the best place to host your wedding if you are looking for a small and intimate ceremony – with only 10 suite rooms, the place can only house so much of your guests overnight. However, the excessively beautiful setting and personalized attention of the resort staff is something that will definitely make your wedding more perfect. The sunset wedding ceremony offered, set to the background of palm trees, is both super romantic and affords the best wedding photographs imaginable. The Origins Spa at the Sojourn offers world-class massage therapy and spa services, steeped in the traditional Khmer.

Location: Treak Village Rd, Treak Village, Siem Reap

8. Borei Angkor Resort and Spa

Borei Angkor Resort and Spa

This is the highest rated Cambodia wedding venues in the historic town of Siem Reap, emerging as the top choice for travelers visiting the Angkor Wat. At the same time, the resort has emerged as a top wedding destination for locals and tourists, offering beautiful vistas and a lush green setting for your Cambodian sojourn. The resort itself is located in the center of the town, only 15 minutes from the international airport in the city and 10 minutes from the downtown area, including the famed Pub Street.

Location: National Road 6, Banteay Chas, Siem Reap

9. Anantara Angkor Resort

Anantara Angkor Resort

This rather expensive retreat in the holy town of Siem Reap is the best way to traverse through the numerous cultural treasures that dot the town, including the charming markets downtown, surrounding rice paddies and the rainforests that are filled with lost temples besides the Angkor Wat. Besides the charming wedding venue and the experienced team of planners that will strive to make your big day even more special, the resort has plenty of other services that will make your stay more comfortable and interesting. The resort offers spa and massage services, fully equipped fitness centers, private tours of the Siem Reap for your guests.

Location: National Road no. 6, Khum Svay Dangkom, Siem Reap

10. Navutu Dreams

Navutu Dreams

This dream destination for a tropical wedding in Cambodia offers indoor and outdoor venues in the holy town of Siem Reap, along with a dedicated and professional support staff that will cater to all your whims for your wedding. Situated close to the center of the town, the resort is located amidst lush green rice paddies and rainforests, and its proximity to the Siem Reap international airport makes it easy to locate for guests. The resort can house up to 100 guests for the night in ensuite rooms, complete with all modern amenities, and restaurants inside the resort offer fusion fare that you must try.

Location: Navatu Road, Siem Reap

These wedding venues in Cambodia are a smart way to have a picture perfect romantic wedding without having to spend as much. With professional planning and all the modern amenities of five-star resorts, set against the gorgeous backdrop of rice fields and ancient temple ruins, you can have the experience of a lifetime in Cambodia. So book with Travel Triangle now and make your dream wedding come true!

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The Upright Vietnam Golden Bridge Is Leaving Its Travelers In Downright Awe

With quirky and unusual bridges springing across the globe, Vietnam has now joined the list with its iconic Golden Bridge (Cầu Vàng) perched in two giant rock hands. The country opened this new attraction for its visitors in June, and since, the Vietnam Golden Bridge is amusing travelers from far and wide.

The Golden Bridge is supported by two lofty hands which look like they are sculpted out of stone. The creativity is of the extremely talented TA Landscape Architecture, which has designed this peculiar bridge. The bridge overlooks the magnificent Da Nang mountain range and one can enjoy scenic views of the Ba Na hills from atop this beauty.

vietnam bridge intext

The bridge is at a height of 1,400 metres above sea level and its golden colour gives one a feel of walking on a silk strip in the sky. Walking across it is idyllic as it gives you the feeling of walking on a cloud! This 150 metres length of uniqueness is located in the Thien Thai Garden and adding on to this quirky architectural attraction are the beautiful purple Chrysanthemums which line the way.

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10 Best Things To Do In Papua New Guinea That Are Perfect For Every Kind Of Tourist

Papua New Guinea is a Pacific country, consisting of the Eastern half of New Guinea and the island of Melanesia. Papua New Guinea has the richest tribal heritage of all countries in the world, with scores of tribes living in reservations on the islands. The country has 852 documented languages, of which there are no known speakers for 12. The country is also home to a number of tribes that have not come into contact with the outside world for centuries, making them a scientific and cultural curiosity. Clearly, Papua New Guinea is one of the most exotic and interesting places there are to visit. Here is a list of best things to do in Papua New Guinea that can really make your trip one of its kind!

From festivals to water sports, these 10 things to do in New Guinea will really add stars to your trip experience. Don’t believe us? Take a look and indulge in them yourself!

1. Attend the Milamala Festival

traditional festival

The traditional festival of the Trobriand Islands is celebrated to mark the harvest of the sweet yams and is one of the most recommended things to do in Papua New Guinea. The festival is usually celebrated with a whole host of activities, including canoe racing, matches of cricket and some really dirty dancing according to local customs. This festival of free love and yams has become increasingly unpredictable in dates because it depends on the wishes of the local chief.

Location: Kiriwina, Trobrian Islands
Dates: Usually held in July and August

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2. Visit the National Museum and Art Gallery

Museum, located in Port Moresby

The Museum, located in Port Moresby, should be on top of your Papua New Guinea things to do list. The various exhibits are divided into sections such as music instruments, ceremonial drums used in festivals(kundu and garamut), clothes and costumes, totem poles and canoes and other seafaring things, and finally elaborate masks. The Milne Bay canoe is a popular attraction here, decorated in extensive splashboards and huge cowrie shells.

Location: Port Moresby, New Guinea
Timings: 9AM to 3PM
Entry fee: INR 2100

3. Watch the Goroka Show

Show is the oldest in all the country

The show is the oldest in all the country, and attracts thousands of people to the National Sport Institute’s Sports Oval in Goroka, the capital of the Eastern Highland Province. The singsing groups are the central attraction of the festival, flooding the show with traditional music and dance. All hotels in the city are sold out weeks before the event, and the Goroka festival is truly one of the hottest things to do in Papua New Guinea in September.

Dates for 2018:: 14 – 16 September

4. Spend a day at the Varirata National Park

best Papua New Guinea activities for nature enthusiasts

Located at an average height of about 800 metres, the Varirata National Park is a little reminder of the fact that the Oceanic islands are home to some of the most stunning and diverse flora fauna in the world. There are several clearly marked trails here that can take anywhere from an hour to three hours to traverse. You can spot the occasional paradise birds and kingfishers, but birdwatchers have reported more exotic species, making it one of the best Papua New Guinea activities for nature enthusiasts.

Location: 36 kilometres from Port Moresby
Entry fee: INR 100

5. Meet the mudmen in Asaro

Traditional warriors in Asaro wearing costumes

So this is something that you would definitely not see anywhere else and is truly one of the most amazing things to do in Papua New Guinea. Traditional warriors in Asaro wearing costumes also covered themselves in mud and wore mud masks to produce a striking and intimidating image, and even though there are no tribal wars and real mudmen to speak of in Asaro anymore, tour companies can organize recreations of local warfare for tourists.

Location: Asaro tribe lives near the town of Gorka

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6. Shop at Ralf Stuttgen’s Place

shopping in Papua New Guinea

If you are looking for shopping in Papua New Guinea for tribal artifacts or just great souvenir gifts, Ralf’s place near Wewak is a great place to go to. Located right on a ridge from where you can see the coast at tower, here you will find all kinds of Sepik carvings collected and compiled from over 50 villages. Ralf is also a naturalised citizen of the country and knows all there is know about the nearby villages. So if you are looking for something in particular on the islands, Ralf Stuttgen’s is one of the top things to do in Papua New Guinea.

Location: 15 kilometres from Wewak

7. Have coffee at Duffy’s

first international cafe

While this would not really figure on lists of things to do for other places, Duffy’s is the first international cafe to be found in Papua New Guinea. The decor and feel of the cafe is sleek and cool and very hipster friendly. We would recommend the freshly squeezed juices. Duffy’s is also emblematic of the country’s(and also Port Moresby’s) rising profile in the international tourism market and is one of the top 10 things to do in Papua New Guinea.

Location: Gabaka Street
Timings: 7AM to 4PM
Cost for two: INR 900

8. Plan a dinner at Rapala

best restaurant for a dinner date

Rapala is the height of fine dining and definitely the best restaurant for a dinner date in Port Moresby and Papua New Guinea. Situated inside the Crowne Plaza, the place is quite old fashioned in its decor and feel. However, the dishes are anything but old. There are plenty of things that are recommended here, but the tasting platters are especially elegant and flavourful.

Location: Douglas and Hunter Streets
Timings: 6.30 to 9.30 PM
Cost for two: INR 3400

9. Participate in the Hiri Moale Festival

festival to mark the Independence Day

Another festival to mark the Independence Day in Papua New Guinea, the Hiri Moale Festival is the showpiece celebration of the capital of Port Moresby and one of the best things to in Papua New Guinea. The indigenous Motu people that have lived here for centuries race giant decorated canoes. The celebration is also held to mark the change in direction of the trade winds that brought traders home from the Gulf in medieval times.

Location: Ela Beach
Dates for 2018:: September 16

10. Chill on the beaches at Yuo Island

ultra clear waters

A great answer to the question of Papua New Guinea what to do, the beaches on this remote island just off the mainland are god’s own paradise. The pristine beaches and waters and forests here will make you feel like the last person on Earth. There is no electricity or running water here to add to the lost world charm. The ultra clear waters here are great for snorkelling and diving, and you can find some truly exceptional marine life here.

Location: 20 minutes from Wewak by motor boat

These things to do in Papua New Guinea are a cross-section and a mere snapshot of the rich possibilities in this exceptional country. If you have been wondering what to do in Papua New Guinea, you must add these to your next international trip itinerary for an impeccable holiday!

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10 Best Villas In France That Offer An Authentic French Connection

With Mediterranean beaches and medieval cities, France certainly keeps travelers entertained. The capital offers iconic sights to see such as the Eiffel Tower while villages like Nizas invite you to explore its more traditional side. While here, you can stay at one of the many villas in France.

They range from charming homes with an old-fashioned touch to contemporary establishments packed with amenities. Take a look at our picks of luxury villas in France as well as affordable properties.

Have a look at some of the best villas in France and choose the ones that touch your heart the most for your next holiday.

1. Le Petit Nid

fully renovated property

This is a gorgeous villa in France with a private pool. It’s the perfect getaway for two with its terrific location, being on the banks of the Dordogne River. It’s also a short distance from shops and restaurants in Siorac-en-Perigord. The fully renovated property is set on the grounds of a manor and features outdoor dining and barbeque facilities.

Tariff: INR 1,58,000 per week
Location: Siorac-en-Périgord, Dordogne

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2. Redona

a contemporary villa in France

Redona is a contemporary villa in France that’s located between Porto Vecchio and Saint Cyprien. The Corsican escape is surrounded by greenery and is just 5 minutes from the beach. It boasts a heated private pool, five bedrooms for 10 people and a modern fully equipped kitchen.

Tariff: INR 1,83,000 per week
Location: Porto Vecchio, Corsica

3. Seraphin

beautiful traditional villa

If you’re looking for south of France villas with private pools, we recommend Seraphin. The beautiful traditional villa is situated outside Cotignac and is close to shops, restaurants and the lovely commune of Tourtour. Most rooms open out onto a central courtyard and the pool. If you’re visiting in summer, you’ll be treated to a splash of colors as the flowers bloom.

Tariff: INR 1,52,000 per week
Location: Cotignac, Var, Provence

4. Maison de Reves

offers an unforgettable stay

A short distance away from the village of St. Cezaire is Maison de Rêves, a picturesque villa in France that promises you an unforgettable stay. It features 5 bedrooms that sleep 10, a spacious garden and al fresco dining areas. If you’re looking for French villas with pools in a beautiful garden setting, this is it. You can laze by the pool, have a barbeque and explore the lush grounds.

Tariff: INR 1,44,000 per week
Location: St. Cezaire

5. Les Trois Fers

a homely ambience

Les Trois Fers is a charming villa in France that’s great for a family or a group of friends. It’s at the border of Charente and Dordogne and only 5 minutes from Aubeterre-sur-Dronne with its wealth of shops and quaint streets. It has 4 bedrooms and sleeps up to 8. This lovely holiday villa in France is a private holiday home so you can expect to see many personal touches that lend it a homely ambience.

Tariff: INR 1,65,000 per week
Location: Bonnes, Charente, Poitou Charentes

6. Villa Maeva

contemporary building for homestay

If you’re holidaying in the capital of the Alpes-Maritimes, we recommend this Nice villa in France. Just over 2 kilometers from Allianz Riviera Stadium, it features a terrace with views of the neighbourhood, outdoor dining and contemporary living quarters. It’s also an ideal choice if you’re looking to stay in a villa in France near the beach, which is only 15 minutes away.

Location: 211 Chemin de Terron, 06200 Nice

7. Villa Le Cle de Sol

the ideal holiday destination

The commune of Les Adrets-de-l’Estérel is home to Villa Le Cle de Sol, a wonderful property in a peaceful mountain setting with views of the Mediterranean. Bright interiors, an infinity style private pool, and the beach just a short distance away make this the ideal holiday destination for those looking to explore the Riviera coastline.

Tariff: INR 1,24,000 per week
Location: Les Adrets De L’Esterel, Cote d’Azur

8. Villa Harmonie

the perfect pick for a large family to stay

This spacious 3-bedroom villa in France Paris is just the place to stay if you want to explore the capital. It’s 3 kilometers from the iconic Eiffel Tower and Orsay Museum. With a capacity of 10 people, a furnished kitchen and free Wi-Fi, this is the perfect pick for a large family or if you’re traveling in a group.

Tariff: INR 2,00,000 per week
Location: 4 Rue de l’Harmonie, 15th arr., 75015 Paris

9. Domaine de Lanzac

offers comfort and modern amenities at an affordable price

It can seem daunting to find cheap villas in France but there’s a surprising number of them if you know where to look. Domaine de Lanzac is one such establishment. It offers comfort and modern amenities at an affordable price. The 3-bedroom villa has a fully equipped kitchen and a spacious living/dining room. It’s located in a park that also has a restaurant and a bar.

Tariff: INR 32,500 per week
Location: Lanzac, Lot, Midi Pyrénées

10. La Forge

best villas in France with an affordable price

La Forge is one of the best villas in France with an affordable price. It’s a restored blacksmith’s residence that exudes character and the rural setting only adds to its charm. It has two bedrooms, a functional kitchen and a pool. Outside, you’ll find 3 acres of landscaped gardens and a park as well as a children’s play area.

Tariff: INR 53,000 per week
Location: Nizas, Hérault, Languedoc Roussillon

Now that you know all about the chic villas in France, we hope you’ll be staying at one of these on your holiday in France Do let us know how your experience was in the comment section below.

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On A Holiday In Bali With A Kid: Read Tips From A Couple Who Planned It Smart!

Bali is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in the world and rightly so for it offers great beauty, amazing private villas, and a lot of cultural experiences. But whoever said, it is “only meant for honeymooners” is wrong for my husband and I not only visited Bali with our kid but also made sure we enjoyed the country every bit as much as honeymooners do!(actually even more). And just to tell you how we did it, here are our experiences and tips from our perfect family trip in Bali.


with kid in Bali

enjoy the trip with kid

offers great beauty

Bali is a destination that offers excellent value for money when it comes to value for money. From accommodation to flight tickets to experiences, everything is budget friendly here.

Flexible itinerary

roam all around the city

get the best quotes for bali

best city to go with kids

Thanks to TravelTriangle, we were able to get a personalized package for Bali and that made all the difference. Traveling to Bali with a kid meant we could not go with a “fixed departure / arrival” kind of setup so when we found out that they were not only offering the best quotes but also a personalized package, we went all in!

It’s a no risk destination

have a great experience in the city

a great view

great time at the top destination

Bali is one of the most famous destinations in the world and is known for its stellar hospitality and that meant chances of getting anything wrong here would be minimal. It is also a destination that basically has everything great when it comes to tropical experiences (watersports, romantic experiences, cultural experiences, luxury, spa etc.). Also, since we were traveling to Bali with a kid for the first time, we did not want to take a huge risk by spending over the top at some destination that we were not very well aware of.

Indulge in watersports

indulge in watersports

Every kid loves watersports and ours was no different. Although at just 3 years of age, he wasn’t allowed to indulge in most of the activities but it was nonetheless a joy for him to witness the amazing things one could in the ocean.

Go on temple visits

Uluwatu Temple

awesome experience at the Uluwatu temple

view of the temple

travel with kid is joyful experience

enjoy the ocean view

A little boring for a teenager maybe but visiting the temples in Bali was an awesome experience for our kid. The sunset we witnessed at the Uluwatu temple is hard to describe in words but it was straight out of our dreams!

sunset views with the loved ones

PS: There was Kecak Dance too and although it was included in our package, our guide told us to buy tickets since he wasn’t aware of it. As a result, we had to miss it! And that is a bit of regret we have from that day.

Advice: Always check your itinerary and inclusions from the agent at TravelTriangle to make sure everything is in place.

Tanah Lot Temple

most famous temples in Bali

fantastic attraction

sunset view

surrounded by the ocean

most beautiful place

One of the most famous temples in Bali, this one is situated on a rock and is surrounded by the ocean which makes it not only a fantastic attraction but one of the most beautiful places from where you can see the sun go down. And true to its popularity, this place did not fail to charm us.

Experience Bali Hai Cruise and Pontoon Nusa Lembongan

Experience Bali Hai Cruise

Music, food, and drinks

amazing tour with kids

What an experience this was! As soon as we boarded the cruise, we could feel the thrill that we were going get. Music, food, and drinks, there was everything. The ride to the pontoon which for the common man is a kind of a flattish boat that is supported by tubes was amazing. And here at the pontoon, there was a lounge for guests and arrangement of a host of water activities like snorkeling and ocean slides. It was truly a wonderful experience for us and by the time it came to an end, we just did not want to leave.

Visit the spectacular Mount Batur

scenery around was mesmerizing

witness the sync with nature

Mount Batur is perhaps the most famous volcano in Bali and witnessing it and the scenery around was mesmerizing. On our way to Ubud, we also passed by many lakes and overall, the ride was extremely rejuvenating. By the time it ended, my husband, son, and I were in sync with nature.

Enjoy the Spa and poolside Dinner

romantic affair with nature

No trip to Bali is complete without a spa experience and it was as soothing as we had hoped for. The dinner by the poolside although a romantic affair was made even better because we were joined by our kid this time. Overall both experiences were worthy and can certainly be done even when you are in Bali with a kid.

Now that we have given our best experiences in Bali with a kid, we would like to jot down a few tips for you.

Stay at a child friendly hotel

kid enjoying in their own space

Bali with children

This is very important since most of the properties in Bali are centred around providing the most romantic experience to couples with many of them being adult on too. If you’re in Bali with children, we would recommend trusted hotel chains or staying at a hotel.

Carry a sunblock

keep in mind the weather of the city

carry a sunblock

shine while having fun on trip

Goes without saying, Bali lies in a zone which has tropical climate where the sun shines down hard and therefore it is highly recommended that you carry a high SPF sunblock (minimum 30 SPF).

Research before you go or talk an expert / agent

enjoy the shopping also

traveling with children is always fun

It is important to make your agent clear that you are traveling to Bali with a toddler or children and that they should keep the itinerary as flexible as possible and make sure the arrangements are kid friendly which in our case, thanks to TravelTriangle

Don’t forget to have fun!

overview of the city

have fun with kids on trip

After you’re on a family holiday and this might be the first time your kid is going on an international holiday so make sure it is worth remembering!

Here are our trip details for your reference:

Trip Type: Bali with a kid
Cost: INR 152000
Duration: 6 Nights 7 Days
Inclusions: Hotels, Villa, Breakfast, Sightseeing, Watersports, Spa and Poolside Dinner, Transfers, Temple Tours
Exclusions: Lunch, Dinner, Flights, Personal Expenses

Overall, Bali proved to be the much needed respite that we were seeking and an incredible holiday experience with our kid. So if you too are wanting to travel to Bali with a kid and are wondering how to do it, we would recommend you to pick one of these Bali Family Packages and leave the rest of the planning to the experts from TravelTriangle.


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Java Island Is Now The ‘Best Island In The World’ & Believe Us, It’s Time To Pack Your Bags!

We’ve been living long under this impression that Bali is the most gorgeous island (which it surely is), but it’s finally time to move on and accept that the world is home to more such marvels hidden right in the heart of Indonesia. Located between Sumatra and Bali is this volcano-dotted wonder, which has been known as the Java Island until now when it just got awarded with the title of the ‘best island in the world’.

This Indonesian island of Java got voted as the world’s best by the readers of Travel & Leisure, making it a part of the ‘best places to visit in Indonesia‘ list. The Java Island won the title on the basis of its activities, natural attractions, beaches, food, and hospitality that got it a spectacular score of 95.28 out of 100.

view of java island

Apart from this, the second and third on the list are everyone’s favorite – Bali and Lombok. However, the Maldives, Greece’s Páros and Scotland’s Orkney Islands also figured in the list, though they got ranked lower than the breathtaking island of Java.

Described as ‘the heart of the nation’, the island of Java is surely an impeccable place to holiday with your loved ones. And what could be a better time to plan your trip there than now since the dry season there makes it the best time to visit for tourists.

So, we say, that while you’re already planning your trip to Bali, make sure you also stop by at Java for an experience of a lifetime!

Pattaya Tours Vietnam Travel

Experiences You Just Can’t Miss On A Honeymoon Trip To Phuket

I’m your average guy from Ajmer working hard and trying to achieve my dreams. Travel can bring a new meaning to everyone’s life and in mine, it is an escape from the everyday realities and a step closer to my dreams. My wife shares the same interest and so for our honeymoon, we decided to go someplace special. We finally settled on Phuket with its abundance of beaches and exciting nightlife options. With so much explore and so many beautiful places to see, we were psyched.

Picking TravelTriangle for our trip wasn’t a tough call at all. I had been following their blog for two years now, reading the experiences of other travelers as well. Well, look at me now, writing my own! I really liked how professionally they handled everything, from start to end. Before I get started about our experiences on our honeymoon trip to Phuket, here are a few details:

Trip Type: Honeymoon
Cost: INR 80,000
Duration: 4 Nights 5 Days
Inclusions: Airfare, Airport Transfer, Sightseeing, Cab, Breakfast, Phuket City Tour, Phi Phi Island Tour with Lunch, James Bond Island Tour with Lunch
Exclusions: Lunch, Dinner, Visa, Water Sports, Personal Expense

Bar hopping on Bangla Street

get a taste of the vibrant nightlife

exploring the area

spent some time in leisure

One of the major reasons we wanted to visit Thailand was to get a taste of the vibrant nightlife we had heard so much about. So when we reached our hotel in Phuket, we relaxed for the day and then head out in the evening. We spent the night roaming around Bangla Street which is packed with a variety of eateries, clubs, and bars. The bright neon lights that line up against the street add a fun touch to the shops and restaurants. We had a fun-filled night exploring the area and making the most of our first day in Phuket.

Taking a bike tour around the city

enjoying the pleasant weather

 the famous Patong Beach

Well, technically day 2 for in Phuket was for the city tour but we had a change of heart. So we rented a bike and set out for some exploring. We visited the Big Buddha and then stopped at two amazing beaches. Karon beach was our first stop which was such a beautiful expanse of blue sea ahead os us. The next beach we visited was the famous Patong Beach where we spent some leisure time and enjoy the waters. Ditching the city tour for the bikes was a great idea and something different for sure. We were free to roam around and make as many stops as we wanted to, all while enjoy the cool winds and pleasant weather.

An exciting tour of Phi Phi Island

reached to the Phi Phi island

breathtaking sights

exciting tour of Phi Phi Island

Sailing on the water

enjoying the time together

experience the fun time at the amazing beach

Now, this was something we just didn’t to miss out on. On our second day in Phuket, we woke up at 7 am and proceeded for the port. We got on a big boat and started the tour. Sailing on the water we saw some breathtaking sights that I’m never going to forget. But oh the best part was the beach on Phi Phi Island. The water was one of the clearest I’ve ever seen. We also had lunch here but there were a couple of other options like Mcdonalds in the area that you can try as well.

Taking James Bond Island Tour In Style

reached to the famous James bond island

perfect sightseeing

excited for the tour

get on the boat to enjoy the ride

on the traditional boat ride

enjoy cliking some of the best clicking moments

enjoying the sightseeing on the boat

had am amazing time at the island

get the perfect positive vibe of the city

On the last day of our trip, we decided to go for the infamous James Bond Island Tour. Since we were staying in Phuket the drive was quite the journey to the island. But once we reached the tail boat, all our exhaustion drained and we were super excited for the tour. I had a notion that the traditional boat might be a little uncomfortable but I was proved wrong! My wife and I loved every bit of the ride. We also stopped to enjoy some kayaking in the still waters while out guide clicked some great pictures of us. We spent an hour on the island itself and then headed back. On the back, we also made a stop at Muslim Fishing Village where we enjoyed a delicious lunch.

What our customized honeymoon itinerary for Phuket looked like

Day 1: Arrival in Phuket and leisure day
Day 2: Half day Phuket City Tour
Day 3: Phi Phi Island Tour
Day 4: James Bond Island Tour
Day 5: Departure back home

The wow moments from our honeymoon trip to Phuket

Both the Phi Phi island tour and James Bond island tour was definitely the highlight of our vacation. The beaches are just so beautiful, you wouldn’t want to leave!

What we missed out on

We tried to make the most of our trip, but we would definitely like to come back for some water sports.

Our experience with TravelTriangle

My wife and I absolutely enjoyed our honeymoon in Phuket. Right from the moment we arrived till the moment we boarded our flight back home, everything was handled efficiently. We didn’t face any hassles and any requests we had were gladly entertained by the team at TT, kudos to that!

Tips for you!

If you want to skip the long drive to James Bond Island, accommodating in Krabi is a good idea as the journey is much shorter.

Having a travel agent smoothens things out for you a lot, so if you want to avoid hassles. Get your package customized by TravelTriangle, you will not regret it!

Phuket is the perfect place if you seek a getaway by the beach. The clear waters, glistening nightlife, and delicious food are simply delightful. If you too would like to experience a fun-filled adventure on this island, head over to TravelTriangle and customize your own Thailand Honeymoon Package.

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The Cambodia Nightlife Guide: Pubs, Diners, Shops, & More

After a day tour through the fabled temples, old palaces & museums, and other places to visit in Cambodia, would you like to sleep early? Think again! Cambodia is another place altogether during the night. And if you sit this one out, you will only get a slice of the Khmer culture.

Ditch that duvet and head out into this gorgeously maddening place. And we assure you a memorable night. Follow this Cambodia nightlife guide for a dip into the wild western sensibilities. Don’t worry fam, we’ve got you covered.

A good old party town, Phnom Penh sure knows how to kick off things in style. From your morning coffee to late night tango, Phnom Penh offers the best nightlife in Cambodia.

Eat, drink, and rave: The best nightclubs, rooftop bars, and restaurants in Phnom Penh

Guests enjoy drinks and snacks at a rooftop bar in Cambodia

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1. Eclipse Sky Bar

A late evening shot of the Eclipse Sky Bar and the beautiful evening sky in the backdrop

The highest rooftop bar in the capital, Eclipse Sky Bar is the best place to get a taste of the Cambodia nightlife. Surrounded by glass panels, this rooftop bar offers a panoramic view of the Independence monument, the Royal Palace, and the converging Mekong and Bassac rivers.

Timings: 5 pm – 2 am | Facebook

Other similar options include the Le Moon Rooftop Bar and The Riverhouse Lounge.

2. Pontoon

Guests dancing under the disco lights at Pontoon - one of the best places to enjoy nightlife in Cambodia

Located on Street 172, Pontoon is where you should be headed if you are still mulling over the night. Their music includes hip-hop, dubstep, techno, and deep house depending on the day. A cabaret and live drag show called Shameless is also organized on Wednesdays. Also, there is a smaller nightclub within Pontoon called Pontoon Pulse which mainly plays house and techno music. The best nightlife in Cambodia is undoubtedly here.

Timings: 9 pm – 4 am | Website

You may also like to visit the Nova Club and the Heart of Darkness.

3. FCC Restaurant and Bar

Guests dining at the FCC restaurant at Phnom Penh that is said to be the center of the Cambodia nightlife

The affluent nightlife in Cambodia is centred around a few top-notch places and the Foreign Correspondents’ Club Restaurant & Bar is definitely one of them. Head here for the fusion cuisine, live music, and, of course, the alcohol – because, sometimes, a pint of beer is all the therapy you need.

Timings: 6 am – midnight | Website

Some of the other popular gastrobars include The Fifth Element and Fox Wine Bistro.

Street 104, Street 130, and Street 136: The hub of Hostess bars in Phnom Penh

Certainly the most commercial, nightlife in Phnom Penh city is concentrated in these areas. Many high end atmospheric bars and clubs are located on these streets. The popular ones that dominate the scene include 69 Bar, Candy Bar, Zanzi Bar, and Soft Spot Bar. Most of these bars are open until 2 am.

Itsy Bitsy Art: Shadow theatre and traditional dances in Phnom Penh

Beautiful dancers perform the classical Apsara Dance in Phnom Penh

1. Apsara Dance in Phnom Penh

Beautiful dancers just before performing the classical Apsara Dance in Phnom Penh

This Cambodia nightlife guide would be immaterial if we don’t cover the traditional arts and culture of the Khmer empire. The Apsara dance performance is an essential component of the Cambodian way of life and offers an alternate performance space to classical dancers. The dance has been developed from the mythological courts of kings & Gods and the unique storyline is narrated through vibrant costumes, flexible movements, & soulful music.

Note: You can also watch the Apsara Dance in most cafes and restaurants in Siem Reap.

2. Folk Dance in Phnom Penh

Locals performing the Khmer Folk dance in Cambodia

Apsara Dance might be the more popular dance performance among tourists, but Cambodia also boasts of rich folk dances. The Robam Nesat or the fishing dance is a traditional form that will captivate you through its beauty and poise. Another traditional performing arts show, the Plae Pakaa is a series of folk performances. There are three rotational shows from Monday to Saturday at 7 pm in the National Museum. Passage of life and other Khmer rituals are shown through folk dance.

3. Shadow Theatre and Puppet Shows

Two artists seen as shadows during one of the shadow puppetry performance in Cambodia

Along with the traditional and the folk dances, shadow puppet performances and drum shows are other performing arts in Cambodia. The Sovanna Phum Arts Association organizes these shows at 7.30 pm every Friday and Saturday. So, if you are in town, you can adjust your schedule accordingly and explore this side of nightlife in Phnom Penh city as well. Audience members are also invited to try their hand at the shadow puppets after the performance.

Note: You can also visit the Java cafe and the art gallery near the Independence monument that is open till 10 pm.

The cheap thrills : Night shopping in Phnom Penh

Tourists and locals walking through the Phnom Penh night market in Cambodia

Among the night markets in Cambodia, the one in Phnom Penh is popular for its clothes, accessories, curios, handicrafts, and cutting-edge food scene. Kravan House, Mulberry Boutique, Wanderlust, and Silk & Pepper are a few shops selling chic souvenirs. Street 240, behind the Royal Palace, is considered to be an artsy shopping street. Most of these places are open until 11 pm every day.

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

Siem Reap, also known as the gateway to the ruins of Angkor, is a definite nightlife hub. The evening entertainment is diverse and varied, which makes Siem Reap an ideal space for bar-hopping.

Pubs, Lounges, and Rooftop Bars in Siem Reap: Because Beer first

Scenes shot by a CNN journalist at the Miss Wong Cocktail Bar in Cambodia

1. Pub Street

A night shot of the famous pub street that is popular for its nightlife scene

Got no reason for hanging at the bar? Then Pub Street is your affirmative answer. Budget bars & nightclubs, special offers on drinks, and the pulsating music make it one of the best places for nightlife in Cambodia. The popular Cambodia bars in Pub Street include the Angkor What? Bar, Easy Speaking, Soul Train Reggae Bar, and Mezze Lounge & Nightclub. Nights here can be long and raucous. Most of these places are open until 4 am.


2. Miss Wong Cocktail Bar

The plush interiors of Miss Wong Cocktail Bar in Cambodia

Known for its extensive range of cocktails, Miss Wong is popular among the lounge music lovers. Not in the swing of things yet? Head to Miss Wong to begin your night with the Miss Wong Punch and Lemon Grass Collins. A five minute walk from Angkor Night Market, this bar is an irresistible urban space that enhances the Cambodia nightlife experience.

Timings: 6 pm – 1 am | Website

Some of the other popular pubs include FCC Angkor Siem Reap and Picasso Bar.

3. Elephant Bar

A calm scene from the elegant Elephant Bar at the Raffles Grand Hotel d'Angkor in Siem Reap in Cambodia

The Elephant Bar at Raffles is ideal for your sophisticated sipping. This is where the affluent travelers can enjoy the traditional Khmer cuisine along with imported wine and liquor. Revel in the conglomerate culture at Raffles with other nocturnal clubbers and make the most of your Cambodia nightlife experience.

Timings: 4 pm – midnight | Website

If you are interested in more of such classy dining options, Soria Moria Rooftop Bar and X-Bar would definitely keep you interested.

Phare, the Cambodian Circus: For those who crave a different buzz

Artists of the Phare Cambodian Circus performing in pront of one of the old temple buildings at night

This is undoubtedly Siem Reap’s most authentic evening entertainment and ensures a thrilling experience of the Cambodia nightlife. With emphasis on performing arts and a social message behind each production, this modern form of circus uniquely uses Cambodian history & folk to entertain tourists.

Timings: 8 pm | Website

Note: You can also watch the circus of Phare Ponleu Selpak in Battambang.

The vibrant Cambodian Angkor night market

Tourists bargaining at a shop of the famous Cambodian Angkor night market

The first night market in Cambodia, the Angkor Night Market boasts of over 200 shops and is open till midnight everyday. Where on one hand, shops such as Sala House & Kroma House offer tourists an interesting option of Khmer artefacts, places such as Brick House & Island Bar help tourists relax after the tedious task of picking up souvenirs from their Cambodia vacation.


Sihanoukville, Cambodia’s beach capital, is famous for its seafood and casinos. A typical night in Sihanoukville ranges from visiting different beaches to probably passing out on one of them.

1. La Rhumerie

An elegant snap of the La Rhumerie bar in Cambodia

A popular rum bar in the heart of the town, La Rhumerie is where most of the nightlife in Sihanoukville is concentrated. The smooth mellow flavor of your preferred beachside drink should be enough to drag you here. The coffee-infused rum at La Rhumerie is a must try.

Timings: 6 pm – 2 am | Facebook

2. JJ’s Playground

People dancing at the chic JJs Playground in Cambodia

Looking for a wild, kickass night? Then JJ’s Playground is your arena. Perhaps offering the best nightlife in Cambodia, JJ’s is known for its loud techno music, uproar, and fire shows. The mad scene here can be summed up in their tagline, “Let’s get wasted”.

Timings: 6 pm – 6 am | Website

3. Sessions

The Sessions shack-cum-bar on one of the beaches of Sihanoukville in Cambodia

Located on the Ochheuteal Beach, Sessions is popular for its music and beach parties. The drinks are moderately priced and both locals & foreigners stop by for a drink if they are around.

Note: Monkey Republic and Maybe Later are some nice alternatives.

Casinos in Poipet

A snap shot of the interiors of a casino in Poipet

Ranging from casinos to karaoke bars, fun ways to destress in Poipet are plenty. Grand Diamond City Hotel & Casino and Tropicana Casino Resort are the famous casinos in this area. These casinos are open 24×7 and are extremely popular among the foreigners. So, if you’ve enough money to spare, this is where you should be. Afterall, you don’t owe anyone a thang!

Lotus Bar & Gallery in Battambang

Locals at tourists interact over drinks and snacks at the Lotus Bar and Gallery in Cambodia

Infamous for the four-year-long massacre that began in 1975, Battambang is an upcoming town in Western Cambodia. The town, however, holds a good reputation for its vibrant art spaces. The Lotus Bar & Gallery is one such place.

Popular among local expats and tourists alike, the art gallery is open until late. It sells and showcases unique art, clothes, and souvenirs. They also serve a range of cocktails, wine, beer, and cider.

Other popular restaurants and bars: Smokin’ Pot on the Rooftop, Here Be Dragons, and Buffalo Alley.

Cambodia Nightlife Tips: Exploring the nightlife at Cambodia is definitely a lifetime experience but make sure you travel safe and secure.

Too many places, too little time. Right? Start wandering and see where the night takes you on your Cambodia holiday. Comment to share your crazy nightlife experiences with us.

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