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15 Best Day Trips From Lucerne One Must Experience For An Exquisite Swiss Holiday In 2019!

Lucerne, also known as the ‘Gateway to Swiss Alps’ is the central location for travelers who visit Switzerland. A land blessed with incredible scenic beauty of the snow-capped Swiss Alps in the backdrop, green grasslands of Switzerland and the Lake Lucerne all converging at the same place, this place is a heaven on Earth. Apart from this there are many other places which surrounds the region and offers a great escape if you’re planning a leisure road trip. On your visit to the city, there are a number of day trips from Lucerne that you can take, to explore the nearby places.

While there are hundreds of itineraries that offering various amazing day trips from Lucerne,Switzerland it is important to choose the best of them. So, to make things easy and convenient for you, we have come up with a list 15 of the best day trips which you can take from the city of Lucerne.

  • 1. Swiss Alps
  • 2. Mount Titlis
  • 3. Interlaken & Grindelwald
  • 4. Kleine Scheidegg
  • 5. Bern
  • 6. Interlaken Rafting Tour
  • 7. Jungfrau Region
  • 8. Zurich Combo
  • 9. Mt. Pilatus
  • 10. Lucerne City Tour
  • 11. Old Town Of Lucerne
  • 12. Mt. Rigi
  • 13. Lake Lucerne
  • 14. Swiss Transport Museum
  • 15. Glacier Garden

1. Swiss Alps: Jungfraujoch & Bernese Oberland

Swiss Alps

Ascend atop Europe’s highest point located in the Swiss Alps. Go on an exhilarating full-day journey of the Swiss Alps, travel in luxury coaches and enjoy the scenic beauty of the most peaceful country in the world. Go through the famous Jungfrau Pass and explore the Ice Palace while you marvel at the incredible views from the Sphinx Observatory. This ride gives you the most magical views of the Swiss Alps, the picture-perfect farms and houses of the Swiss countryside.

Cost: Starting from INR 18000
Highlights: Bernese Oberland, Interlaken, Jungfraujoch, and the Sphinx Observatory

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2. Mount Titlis

Mount Titlis

Ride inside a cable car to the summit of Mount Titlis from the village of Engelberg and enjoy the majestic view from atop one of the highest mountains in the world. Visit the many snow-themed attractions like the Titlis Glacier Park, Glacier Caves, Ice Flyer Chairlift and walk on the highest suspension bridge in Europe all in a day, phew! A visit to Mount Titlis also lets you explore the famous observatory on the top, from where you can soak in the grandest views of snow-covered Swiss Alps.

Cost: Starting from INR 10,100
Highlights: Mt. Titlis, Engelberg, Titlis Glacier Park, Glacier Caves, Ice Flyer Chairlift, Titlis Rotair Gondola, and the Cliff Walk

3. Interlaken & Grindelwald

Interlaken & Grindelwald

Experience the beauty of Interlaken and Grindelwald on a full day tour aboard luxurious coach starting from Lucerne. Marvel at the epic scenery as you travel to Interlaken at the foot of Bernese-Oberland Alps. Ascend to the summit of Mt. First by a cable car and see the panoramic views from atop the immense arrays of Glaciers in Grindelwald. You can also take a luxurious cruise ride in the delightful Lucerne Lake.

Cost: Starting from INR 6,500
Highlights: Interlaken, Grindelwald, Mt First, and the Bernese-Oberland Alps

4. Kleine Scheidegg

Kleine Scheidegg

Take a coach to the Kleine Scheidegg Pass in center of the Alps, enjoy some exquisite views as you travel on the luxury coach you board from Lucerne. Visit the resort town of Interlaken at the foot of Bernese-Oberland Alps and then take a ride to the famous mountain resort of Grindelwald and then board a cogwheel train to the Kleine Scheidegg. This place is a starting point for many treks up the Central Swiss Alps. Plan a trek if you wish and continue above from there for an exhilarating experience of hiking in the green and white landscapes of Switzerland as they change. This is one of the best places to visit for day trips from Lucerne by train.

Cost: Starting from INR 9,500
Highlights: Kleine Scheidegg, Interlaken, Grindelwald, Bernese-Oberland Alps, Peak of Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau.

5. Bern


Go about a historically as well as culturally relevant day tour of the capital of Switzerland. Visit the biosphere reserve of Entlebuch Valley and take a stop at the Kambly Experience to watch the delicious Swiss Biscuits being made through your own eyes. Explore the city of Bern as you spend time in the Old City and the medieval castle situated in Bern and see the sight of the world-famous Swiss cheese being made by visiting the dairies in the Emmental Region of Switzerland. It is surely going to be a unique experience for those who wish to explore this country beyond its famed Swiss Alps and landscapes.

Cost: Starting from INR 11,350
Highlights: Bern, Entlebucher Valley, Kambli Experience, and the Old Town of Bern

6. Interlaken Rafting Tour

Interlaken Rafting Tour

The Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland is an area full of scenic landscapes like spectacular towering peaks, cascading rivers, and alpine scenery. Indulge in the exciting experience of rafting on the Lutschine River. Rejoice the shrills and thrills aboard the bouncing raft as it goes past numerous type 3 and 4 rapids during this white water rafting expedition via this alpine country. You’ll surely be delighted to discover this adventurous side to the country popular mostly for its snowy peaks and cattle-strewn farms.

Cost: Starting from INR 15,000
Highlights: Rafting on Lutschine River, Lake Brienz, and Lake Eiger

7. Jungfrau Region: Beginners Ski Day Trip

Jungfrau Region

Experience the thrills that come from steep hill skiing in the Jungfrau Region. Start this 10-hour-long beginners Ski trip from Lucerne to the Ski resorts of Grindelwald. Ogle at the pristine Alpine Scenery as you travel through the mountains of Central Switzerland aboard luxurious coaches. Master the ski techniques as you take the 2.5 hours mandatory skiing course. Skiing here will help you understand why the world’s best skiing enthusiasts prefer Switzerland over any other ski destination to satiate their love for this adventure sport.

Cost: Starting from INR 22,500
Highlights: Grindelwald Ski resorts, Jungfrau Region, Bodmi Beginner Slopes

8. Zurich Combo

Zurich Combo

Journey on this guided tour of Zurich from Lucerne. This is one of the most popular and scenic day tours from Lucerne to Zurich in the northern region of Switzerland. You can experience the radiance of the largest city of Switzerland and visit the historical Laufen Castle when you’re here. Also travel to the majestic and pristine Rhine Falls where you can take a ferry ride near the furiously gushing river that flows ahead into Germany.

Cost: Starting from INR 7500
Highlights: Zurich, Rhine Falls, Stein am Rhein and the Laufen Castle

9. Mt. Pilatus: Self-Guided Tour To The Lucerne Mountain

Mt. Pilatus

Experience the beauty of the mountain overlooking Lucerne through two different experiences, one aboard the gondola and the other aboard a cogwheel train. Take a 4 seater gondola ride to Kleine Scheidegg, continue to Frakmuntegg, and finally take a cable car ride to the summit of Mt Pilatus, all while enjoying the splendid views on your journey. The gondola as well as the cable car are sure to give you some unbelievable scenic views of the city and its surrounding hills.

Cost: Starting from INR 4400
Highlights: Kleine Scheidegg, Frakmuntegg, and Mt Pilatus

10. Lucerne City Tour

Lucerne City Tour

Take a tour of the pristine and scenic city of Lucerne with the Central Alps in the backdrop and the beautiful locations of Lucerne available for sightseeing. Take a trip of the Old Town and enjoy a boat ride across the Lake Lucerne. This luxurious cruise ride will take you through some of Lucerne’s most magical and natural landscapes.

Cost: Starting from INR 4600

11. Old Town Of Lucerne

Old Town Of Lucerne

The Old town of Lucerne just appears as a painted picture with the amazing art, beautifully decorated buildings and tiny squares with fountains. This picturesque town is situated just along the right side of the River Reuss which is located between the Chapel bridge and city hall. This place has a very quaint setting and perfect for a day out at the streets.

12. Mt. Rigi

Mount Rigi

For a signature Swiss vacay take a tour to the Mount Rigi which is an easy to plan and a beautiful drive from Lucerne. Often called the “Queens of the mountains”, standing at the peninsula of this majestic mountain one can enjoy the view of 13 lakes and spectacular snow-covered Swiss alps. The best ways to reach Rigi is by train or boat and this place can be visited almost every time of the year. This is one of the best places to go for half day trips from Lucerne.

13. Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne

Spread across a distance of 38 Kms, Lake Lucerne is the 4th largest lake resting in Switzerland. Holding a scenic beauty, this lake is shaped in a complicated design featuring four arms and a slight bend. Covering an area of 114 Kms, this lake is 702 ft. deep situated at a height of 1,424 ft. above sea level. Surrounded by mountains and drains, the water comes into the lake from River Reuss. The beauty of this lake attracts thousands of tourists every year and its quite a popular attraction to explore in Lucerne.

Location: Central Switzerland

14. Swiss Transport Museum

Swiss Transport Museum

Also known as Verkehrshaus der Schweiz, this transport museum in Switzerland is very diverse for its collection of transports reserve. This museum has a large collection of planes, trains, motorcycles, ships and automobiles. This large museum was established in the year of 1959, July and since then it has been a favorite places for people who love vintage items. Besides that the place also holds a large collection of artwork Hans Erni who was a local painter and sculptor.

Location: Lidostrasse 5, 6006 Luzern, Switzerland
Timings: 10AM-5PM (Open Daily)

15. Glacier Garden


A relaxing getaway from the city, this natural monument is Switzerland is indeed a relic of the Ice Age. Located in the heart of Switzerland, the Glacier Garden has showcased the glacierpolished rock, 32 potholes found at the base of a waterfall, and erratic blocks. With the beautiful view of the Lucerne and Mt. Pilatus, the glacier garden also gives a brief history of 300 year old geology. Apart from that there is a mirror maze, park and museum residing inside the garden.

Location: Denkmalstrasse 4, 6006 Luzern, Switzerland
Timings: 9AM-6PM (Open Daily)

While taking the above-listed trips, you can also visit some of the major attractions of Lucerne including Lion Museum, Chapel Bridge, Picasso Museum and the old town of Lucerne. This city is conveniently located in the center of Switzerland. With all its pristine and serene locations, Lucerne redefines your Swiss love. Impressed already? Plan a trip to Switzerland now and take all these trip from Lucerne.

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5 Hostels In Australia That Are Perfect For Backpackers

What’s on the map? Are you planning your next backpacking trip to get some sun? Here are your next adventure plan and all within your pocket-budget. Plan a trip to Australia and get the adventure you were looking for with absolutely breathtaking views and terrifying yet most unique wildlife a wonderful weather and some of the best parties in the world. Join the tribe of party-flocks and get some of that Oz fix.

Enjoy the enthusiasm and when you need a place to cool off all that spirit, here we are offering you a list of amazing hostels, the backpacking mecca where you can recharge and get back to it. Check out this list we have for you and choose wisely. One thing is for sure, you are about to have the best of Aussie days and nights if you shack up in these amazing hostels.

1. Base Backpackers Magnetic Island – Magnetic Island, Queensland

gorgeous view of the turquoise-blue waters

Wake up to a gorgeous view of the turquoise-blue waters, feel the sea breeze and take a deep breath. Take in the essence of the sea and feel the salty ocean air. It’s Base Magnetic Island for you! The base at the Magnetic Island offers its guests a charming spread of land where you can easily camp out under the moonlit night and a thousand stars. The island is awake at night and the view is that of heavens. And talk about the budget? This one offers one of the most affordable deals, some of the best budget hostel accommodation in Australia. The best news for the single woman travelers, there is female-only sanctuary dorm.

Places to visit around Base Backpackers Magnetic Island:  Horseshoe Bay for Jet ski, horseback riding, and see koalas; Nelly Bay in Queensland; Arcadia in Queensland; Florence Bay in Queensland, best for snorkeling and West Point in Queensland.
Things to do Base Backpackers Magnetic Island: For party buffs, there is the magnificent Full Moon Down Under Party. At least once a month these parties will be packed with 5000 people and glowing body paints. To add to the party spirit the bar is located overlooking the sea-shore. Just grab a seat and drink up.

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2. 1770 Southern Cross Backpackers – Agnes Water, Queensland

best offering a nature view

They call it, a peach of a backpackers den, a hostel sitting amidst 16 acres of luscious green land. Behold the trees dotting through the valley, swing it on the hammocks hanging in the gardens. Let the lazy spirit of the Queensland ease you into the leisure of the land— Australia at its best offering a natural respite. If you want a bit of change of scenery there’s a cute little lake, within the premise of the Southern Cross backpackers hostel. You can get free breakfast too and then there are free shuttles to the town at Southern Cross Backpackers.

Places to visit around 1770 Southern Cross Backpackers: Check out the dance club Sorry Grandma just 0.2 mi from Southern Cross Station, Go for shopping in Queen Victoria Market, take a look at the Melbourne Aquarium and have a conversation with the sharks or the starfishes. You can also visit the Flinders Street and admire the stunning architecture. Scroll ahead to the Federation Square where you will always find something or the other going on. You can also walk to the bank of the Yarra River.


Things to do 1770 Southern Cross Backpackers: Go for a swim in the pools, the swimming area is set to fit the bill of all your sunbathing needs. It’s more like a resort than a hostel, best in Australia. There is Karma Bar on the site itself, so don’t forget to hydrate yourself every now and then.

3. Gilligan’s – Cairns, Queensland

don't miss out the enjoyment at Gilligan's

If you are looking for a hostel amidst the urbane landscape and are in for checking out the local cafes and arty boutiques, don’t miss out a night at Gilligan’s. You cannot possibly get bored here! Just around the corner is the famous Rusty’s Market. There are a pair of eclectic nightclubs and what else, they have performances by local and international DJs. You sure are in for a party! If you fall short on cash you can also earn a quick buck from the “Workers Wanted” job board where they have all the listings. Don’t forget to check out the incredible lagoon swimming pool at Gilligan’s.

Things to Do Gilligan’s: Go and spoil yourself with shopping spree at the Rusty’s Market and top it up with a tasty bite on the nearby cafes. It’s a delight! And while you are at it, plan your holidays so that you can experience the weekly events at the hostel itself, at Gilligan’s.

Places to visit around Gilligan’s: Check out the Cairns Gypsy Fortune Tellers shop and explore the party scene at Gilligans Backpackers Hotel & Resort. You can also go for a spa in the Natural Palm Day Spa. Don’t forget to hit once the Josephine Falls. Sit for a session at the Reef Teach. You can also think about a Pha Thai Massage. Book a Scooter or a bicycle and ride freely around, go snorkeling or hike through the terrains. There are adventure sports like Jump the beach that you can opt for, if you are into that.

4. Scotty’s Mission Beach YHA – Mission Beach, Queensland

an absolutely awesome poo

This one’s a prototype of every other Aussie hostel with an absolutely awesome pool matched with a phenomenal party scene; the social vibe there will get you on the groove. That’s all swell but what steals the show is Scotty’s range of water adventures! Get the Adrenalin go all rushing. Steam it all off in the steaming room and if you get a bit low on cash checkout the jobs board at Scotty’s Mission Beach.

Things to do Scotty’s Mission Beach YHA: Talk about snorkeling, they have too, if you are looking for skydiving, go for it at the Scotty’. Are you in for rafting or simply island touring, Scotty’s will have it all. Go for sea diving, kayaking, or hopping on a helicopter, or even trekking through the rain forest, Scotty’s will not disappoint you, they have got it all.

Places to visit around Scotty’s Mission Beach YHA: You can go for Free Rainforest and Creek Walks and discover the untouched beauty if Mission Beach’s rainforest, creeks and water holes, you can check out the BBQ NIGHT at the hostel and spend $5 for a yummy BBQ dinner, you can also enjoy a game of pool at the local shrub bar. Talk about snorkeling, you can snorkel around the Great Barrier Reef from port Douglas and you can also skyrail in the rain forest.

5. Bounce Sydney – Sydney, New South Wales

amazing rooftop view of the Sydney skyline

This one happens to be the best in the lot and Bounce has been repeatedly named as one of Australia’s best and listed in the ‘Top 10 Large Hostels in the World.’ The backpackers’ staple, this one has an amazing rooftop view of the Sydney skyline with delicious BBQs. Bounce will offer an up-market accommodation for backpackers and it is sure to be a delight for the budget travelers. It’s very conveniently located opposite Central Station.

Things to do around Bounce Sydney: Check out the nightlife at Aurora Hotel Surry Hills or at the Central Tavern. You can also go for a ride at the NSW Transport – Train. Book a trip for the Barefoot Downunder.
Places to see around Bounce Sydney: You can check out the Tipple Bar and Bistroor the Ibero American Plaza, also stop by at Dave’s Brewery Tours. These are unique Sydney Beer and wine discovery Tour in Sidney. Go for a hike in the Royal National Park. You can also plan a trip to the Port Stephens or a day trip to the Blue Mountains.

Hurry up now, plan your next backpacking trip to Australia and share your crazy story of travel with strangers.

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Make The Most Of Your Honeymoon In Phuket And Krabi With These Best Experiences!

Taking a break from the monotony of life was on my mind for a very long time and we were yet to plan our honeymoon as well. Being a nature lover, I have explored many places in India but was yearning to go on an international trip which is when, our honeymoon in Phuket came to pass.

The occasion couldn’t have been better and I couldn’t have asked for more than traveling with my better half. While we were still planning to explore a beach destination on our honeymoon, Thailand struck our minds. And luckily, one of my friends Sindhuja recommended to plan a trip with TravelTriangle, and we couldn’t thank her enough for advising us to do so.

Trip Type: An ecstatic honeymoon in Phuket
Duration: 6D/5N
Budget: INR 30,000 (Land Package Only)
Agent: Trip Dost
Inclusions: Phi Phi Islands Tour with lunch, James Bond Island tour, Sightseeing at Muslim Fishing Village, Island hopping, accommodation at the APK Resort and Ibis Styles in Krabi, breakfast, dinner, airport transfers, GST, and taxes
Exclusions: Flights, visa on arrival, lunch, dinner, driver charges, travel insurance, surcharges, personal expenses

Day 1: Hello Phuket

The first impression of Phuket was, perfect. The calm environs, and the roaring seas greeted us very well. We arrived at the airport and were transferred to the APK Resort & Spa. Post finishing the check-in process we rested for a while and went ahead to explore the popular attractions.

Couple Sightseeing in Phuket

Tiger Kingdom in Phuket

It was a great feeling to explore such lesser known places with my better half. Our first day in Phuket was a little laid-back as we explored the Tiger Kingdom, walked along the shoreline of Patong beach, and wrapped the day by indulging in little shopping at the Jungceylon Shopping Mall.

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Day 2: Tour de Phi Phi Island

We finished our breakfast the next day and geared up for the tour of Phi Phi Islands. The weather was awesome and we were charmed by the monsoons in Phi Phi Island. We cruised the crystal clear waters of Phi Phi Islands which was a tremendous experience indeed. Later on, it was time to dive in and enjoy every bit of snorkeling as well.

Couple enjoys Phi Phi Island Tour

Though it is not mandatory to pay the fees, for those who’ve not included snorkeling in their package can enjoy snorkeling by paying about 400 THB per person. We enjoyed every bit of this island which treated us to the most surreal view of the beach, turquoise waters, and the best snorkeling experience.

Day 3: Tour de James Bond Island

This day was dedicated for the tour of James Bond Island. Post finishing the breakfast at the hotel, we boarded the long-tailed boat and embarked on our tour to explore the paradisiacal James Bond Island. The ride was quite adventurous as it was also raining very heavily.

James Bond Island Tour on Honeymoon

Muslim Fishing Village in Phuket

Couple kayaks on James Bond Island Tour

We relished a sumptuous lunch at the Muslim Fishing Village which is a great place to be explored. Offering peaceful environs, one can just walk endlessly through the fishing village. Later we also experienced the best of kayaking on James Bond Island which is a must for all the honeymooners.

Day 4: Hello Krabi!

On the fourth day, we were transferred to the island of Krabi via a ferry. The whole journey was too slow and tiring. We reached our destination late in afternoon and checked in at the Ibis Styles hotel which is a lovely place to stay indeed.

Boating in Phuket on honeymoon

Honeymoon hotels in Krabi

Island of Krabi Thailand

We rested up for a while and in the later half of the day, we strolled around the beaches of Ao-nang, and also enjoyed a bit of street shopping which was followed by a late dinner.

Day 5: Island Hopping At Its Best

Island hopping is much famed in Krabi and we had saved the best experience for the last day. With a lot of excitement, we started our fifth day for island hopping across the four islands of Chicken Island, Tub island, Poda Island, and Penang Island.

Island hopping in Krabi on honeymoon

snorkeling in Krabi on honeymoon

All the islands were mesmerizing and so thrilling. We were served a delicious lunch at the Poda Island which is a very scenic place. Later in the day, we also enjoyed a bit of snorkeling post which, we went back to the hotel due to heavy rains. It was indeed a lovely experience.

Day 6: Bidding Adieu To Krabi

From the weather to the Tiger Kingdom, and from snorkeling to island hopping, we had created some of the best memories forever. We were a bit skeptical in the beginning but at the end of our vacation, we were really happy to be bidding adieu to such an incredible paradise with a bag full of memories.

  • Exploring the Tiger Kingdom
  • Cruising on the crystal clear waters of Andaman Sea on a long-tailed boat
  • Our visit to the Krabi island
  • Relishing every bit of the seafood
  • Exploring the mangrove forests near Phang Nga Bay

Island hopping in Krabi on honeymoon

  • The only scenario where we stumbled a little was at Phuket. Our experience with APK Resort was not as expected.
  • Also, we missed out on paragliding as it had been temporarily shut down due to few accidents in the recent past.

This was our first experience with TravelTriangle and it was really fantastic. We’d like to appreciate the efforts of TravelTriangle as well as their agent – Trip Dost for arranging such a wonderful honeymoon in Phuket that will be cherished by us forever. If I had to rate, would give 5/5 for our overall experience with TravelTriangle.

  • Pack more of beach wear as Phuket and Krabi are both beach destinations and you’d be needing more pair of clothes to change.
  • Always remember to exchange your currency in India itself before flying down to Phuket as the exchange rates are higher in Phuket and Krabi.
  • Try to enjoy snorkeling in Krabi as it is for free. It is a paid activity in Phi Phi Island.
  • The monsoon season prevails from the months of September to November which may not be ideal but a indeed a great season to explore Phuket and Krabi. It is a different experience in itself.
  • National Park charges are mandatory in most of the places in Thailand. You can also chose not to pay in case you are not willing to explore any particular area or zones.
  • Do not worry in case hotels ask you for a security deposit of 1000 THB. It will be refunded while you’re checking out of the hotel.

Are you also looking forward to make your romantic honeymoon in Phuket more special like they did? Well, worry not! We have you covered. Customize alluring Thailand honeymoon packages with TravelTriangle, let us do the planning, and travel the way you want your trip to be!

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6 Beirut Villas Offering Exceptional Stay Worth Memories Of A Lifetime

Retaining charming European influences from History and blooming in the beauty of its culture of Middle East, Beirut blends the best of both in its exceptional ethos and diversity. Branded as the ‘Paris’ of the Middle East, Beirut does draw parallels with the European city in terms of its location by the ocean and incredible attractiveness.

Rubbing shoulders with each other, magnificent churches hug gorgeous mosques and villas and mansions stand snuggle between skyscrapers in Beirut. Visitors can make their trip to Beirut sublime and splendid by staying in one of its adorable villas. Let’s catch a glimpse of few handsome Beirut villas that will guarantee you an extremely pleasant stay in this bewitching city.

Close to famous Pigeon Rock

Close to the famous Pigeon Rock and Hamra Street, Faraya Escape promises comfortable and enjoyable stay to its guests as it is equipped with all the modern amenities, such as a kitchen with dishwasher, oven, coffee machine and flat-screen TV. Having 4 bedrooms, it offers the luxury of space and privacy.

Visitors can enjoy quality family time in its outdoor swimming pool and well-maintained garden. Being only 7 km away from the Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport, it is easily accessible to its guests. This is one of the best villas in Beirut.

Amenities: Free parking in the premises, pool, Wi-Fi, family rooms, pets allowed
Tariff: INR 43,000 per night onwards

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 private villa with a big garden

A private villa with a big garden, this whole property can be accessed by the guests renting it. Built with stone in traditional Lebanese style among all the Beirut villas, it offers perfect respite from the commotion of the world. Guests can enjoy huge spaces with aesthetic interiors in this villa as it consists of 3 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms , living areas, kitchen and large terraces. This is one of the most beautiful luxury villas in Beirut for renting in Lebanon.

Nearby markets are ideal place to get daily necessities and close by beach is only 10-minute drive away from the villa. However, the guests should bear in mind that the whole villa is a no-smoking zone.

Amenities: Free parking in the premises, kitchen, dryer, central heating, air conditioning,
Tariff: INR 2,790 per night onwards
Website & Reviews

is a duplex chalet

Very short distance away from the majestic Beiteddine castle and lying close to the famous Bisri River, Olive Valley Castle is a duplex chalet that can accommodate comfortably huge gathering of guests. Among all the Beirut villas, this is the one that offers easy accessibility to other places of interest in Shouf.

Guests can enjoy cooking outside within the premises of the villa as it has an outdoor kitchen complete with cooking equipment and utensils. This is one of few Beirut villas in this area that has indoor fireplace.

Amenities: Free parking in the premises, kitchen, fireplace guards, and cable TV
Tariff: INR 10,461 per night onwards
Website & Reviews

offers stay amidst abundant nature

Perched on the mountain top, Mountain Villa provides stunning views of the city of Beirut, Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding mountains. Of all the Beirut villas, Mountain villa is the one that offers stay amidst abundant nature. Situated in the town of Dhour El Abadieh, it has spacious rooms and private gardens with fruit trees and vegetable plants. Its huge size can comfortably accommodate 12 to 18 guests in the villa.
Amenities: Free parking in the premises, kitchen, gym, and Wifi
Tariff: INR 10,740 per night onwards
Website & Reviews

offers peaceful respite

Of all Beirut villas, the location of the Authentic Villa is most exciting as it is situated nearby ski slopes and big restaurants in Faitroun. Its architecture reminds one of the days of the Ottoman Empire and it offers peaceful respite and soulful stay. For daily needs, it has several supermarkets close to it.

It also offers Jacuzzi to its guests. It can accommodate a huge gathering of guests as it has 4 bedrooms along with 3 living rooms and a dining room.

Amenities: Free parking in the premises, kitchen, TV, hot tub
Tariff: INR 34,870 per night onwards
Website & Reviews

combines serenity with scenic surrounding

Among Beirut villas, the location Oaktree Garden House is the one that combines serenity with scenic surrounding. Situated in the hills of Baakline, Chouf / Mount Lebanon governorate, this is one of those special villas with private pool in Beirut. Being huge in size, it can accommodate a number of guests. It offers breakfast to its guests as no additional fee.
Amenities: Free parking in the premises, kitchen, and Wi-Fi
Tariff: INR 7,602 per night onwards
Website & Reviews

Rich in natural bounties and flourishing in modern lifestyle, Beirut offers a charismatic amalgamation of various sides of human existence. The best way to enjoy its many attractions is by spending some relaxing time in one of the Beirut villas. Plan a trip to your favourite international destination now and pick your choice from among the multiple wonderful options available and create a lifetime experience.

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This Romantic Star Bed Experience On Medjumbe Island Is Tailor-Made For Eloping Lovers

If you have ever wanted to run away with your lover to a secluded island, the Star Bed experience on Medjumbe Island awaits you.

Staying in a hotel room or a luxury resort is too passe! Eloping to the Medjumbe Island Mozambique where an ultra-luxurious experience awaits for the lovebirds is the new trend.

Star Bed Experience is a new theme launched by the Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort where they take their guests on a Robinson Crusoe styled adventure on the remote Quissanga Island which is equipped with opulent luxuries and romantic experiences.

The main attraction of the whole experience on Medjumbe Private Island is a luxurious four-poster bed underneath the open sky and dressed in the finest linen where you can spoon and snooze with your lover.

But that’s not all!

Start your luxurious adventure on the island with a 15-minute ride to Quissanga Island on a traditional dhow boat. If you are lucky, you will also get to see humpback whales, turtles, and dolphins.

Traditional Dhow boat ride

Be your own guest at Quissanga Island where you can soak your feet wet in the sea, or take a romantic stroll on the beach. Enjoy a gourmet picnic spread filled with Mediterranean salads, seafood kebabs, and chocolate brownies accompanied by the endless ocean views.

With an additional cost, you can also hire a professional chef on the island who will pamper you with flame-grilled meats and exotic seafood.

Each and every experience on the island is made to savor romantic moments with your lover on the island. The new Star Bed Experience On Medjumbe Island seems like a lovely affair to have some private moments with your significant other.

If this seems too much for your taste, check out these other international destinations to plan your honeymoon or a romantic getaway suiting to the kind of experience and the budget you want.


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Mosques In Madrid: Soak In The Sights Of The Multicultural Spanish Heritage

Madrid today is a multicultural metropolis bursting with all kinds of ethnicities from across the world. Part of its charm is the immense cultural heritage which the Spanish capital brings to the table, and if you are interested in that, you should take out time to discover the distinctive Islamic history of Madrid and Spain. Mosques in Madrid are a good way to start exploring and understanding the unique history of the country. Today, only a few remnants from the Islamic empire still linger, including the beautiful architectural structures strewn across the country.

There are primarily two famous mosques in Madrid, which mainly act as the place of worship. Both these Madrid mosques are also a place of conserving and showcasing the Islamic culture of the city, apart from Casa Arabe, which again is working towards strengthening the relationship with the Islamic and Arabic world.

1. Madrid Central Mosque

Madrid Central Mosque

Also called Abu-Bakr mosque, this building is located at Cuatro Caminos in the Tetuan district of Madrid city. Interestingly this was the first Muslim prayer place built in the city in over a thousand years since the end of Islamic era in 1089 AD. The mosque was completed only in 1988 and was designed by Juan Mora. Besides being a beautiful and peaceful mosque in Madrid, Spain, the place also serves as the headquarters of Union of Islamic Communities in Spain.

Location: Calle Anastasio Herrero, 5, Madrid

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2. Islamic Cultural Centre in Madrid

Islamic Cultural Centre in Madrid

One of the best mosques in Madrid, this place is maintained by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture. This mosque is built in white marble with exteriors inspired by the Arabic heritage of the religion in this region. The architecture is faintly similar to the famous Alhambra located in Granada. Inside, the various levels of patios are aimed at greater interaction and integration within the community of Muslims who reside in the region.

The mosque seems quite interesting and alluring from the outside. The centre is spread over six floors. It has an auditorium, school, library, a museum, gym, restaurant, and a lecture room. There are also two exhibition spaces that visitors are welcome to look through. The centre was completed as recently as 1992, and is the biggest Islamic cultural space in Spain.

Location: Calle Salvador de Madariaga

Best Time To Visit Madrid

It is best to visit the Spanish capital in either spring or autumn (March and October) as the weather is extremely pleasant and balmy during this time. The sun sets around 10 PM in peak summers from June to July, which gives one a lot of time to explore the city. On the other hand, the temperature goes upto forty degrees, which makes the city a semi-ghost town in summers as most natives head to the sea to escape the heat.

How To Reach Madrid

By Air: The international airport, Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas airport, is about fifteen kilometres away from the city. It is one of the busiest ports in Europe, with flights connecting to every main city of the world as well as different parts of Spain.

By Train: Madrid has two main rail lines, the national network connecting the city to places like Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Cuenca, and others in the country. While the other is the international line, connecting Madrid to major cities in Europe. Estacion de Atocha is the main train station of Madrid, having local as well as international trains pulling in at all times.

By Road: The city of Madrid has two main bus stations connecting it to different points in the south as well as north of the country. You can hire a cab and drive to Madrid from cities like Berlin, Milan, Barcelona, Lisbon or London as well. The distances vary, however the well maintained national highways make the travel upto Madrid quite easy.

How To Get Around In Madrid

Madrid is a well connected city, with quite cheap public transportation available. Apart from the usual cabs, the city also has metros and buses as public transport systems. Madrid has Europe’s second largest metro system with eleven different lines connecting most of the city. You can also ride bicycles or mopeds to different parts of the city, which makes for the authentic Madrid experience. You can also take your bicycle on the metro or the local train to suburbs around the city.

Here are a few other mosques that you can visit when you are in Spain:

1. Great Mosque of Cordoba

Great Mosque of Cordoba

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this beautiful place was considered a marvel by followers of both religions. After getting converted into a Catholic Church, the place went through a number of alterations in the years that followed, however most of the original, prime features remain unchanged.

2. Mosque of Cristo de la Luz, Toledo

Mosque of Cristo de la Luz, Toledo

Built in 999, this is the only surviving Moorish mosque in Toledo which somewhat remains unchanged. The mosque was in fact built over a Visigothic church, and was changed in a chapel after the Christian capturing. It is one of the best preserved mosques in the whole country. Unlike the Barcelona Mosque, this is a huge mosque with a blend of Moorish and native styles.

There are only a few surviving Muslim structures in the country. The mosques in Madrid are today a place of worship and cultural conservation, mainly built in the late 20th century. So, how many of these cultural places have you covered? Book a trip to Madrid today with TravelTriangle and get the best deals!

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7 Reasons That Will Compel You To Travel To Cambodia In Summer

As the rising summer sun reflects off the massive stone temple complex & the surrounding jungle, it paints the canvas with hues of purple and blue. From the heritage temples to scenic beaches & pristine islands, the country has it all. Be informed that every season is the best time to visit Cambodia, least of all summers.

If you plan to go on a holiday in Cambodia in summer and are being advised against it, cut off the noise. This guide tells you exactly why you should be visiting Cambodia in summer.

1. The number of tourists visiting Cambodia in summer is comparatively low.

Young female tourist with smartphone taking picture of the gopura under blue sky near the entrance to ancient Preah Khan temple in Angkor

November to February is the peak tourist season, followed by a lean long patch. And so, one can expect a very little crowd in Cambodia in summer.

2. And even the hotel & flight prices are lower.

A shot of the swimming pool at the Sokha Angkor Resort in Cambodia

With the declining number of tourists in Cambodia in summer, a similar trend is seen in the price of hotels. The hotels and resorts in Cambodia offer discounted rates to lure the tourists. And even the flights to Cambodia are cheaper.

3. The beaches are beautiful and offer wonderful wonderful options for water activities.

Landscape photo of beautiful white sand exotic beach on Koh Rong island in Cambodia

Summers are wonderful to explore the various Cambodia beaches and islands. The breeze is pleasant and the beaches are sans crowd. And those visiting Cambodia in April, May, and June can enjoy the various water activities. The water is not as cold as it is in winters, nor do the rains hamper the plans of snorkeling.

A tourist enjoys scuba diving in Sihanoukville in Cambodia in summer

4. Longer days in summer mean more time to explore the wonderful places to visit in Cambodia.

Amazing Spung tree covering the ruins of Preah Khan temple in Cambodia

The list of places to visit in Cambodia is a long one. There are temples from the Khmer era that are mentioned in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. And then are beaches, islands, and other tourist attractions in Cambodia. And you are allowed to visit most of these places only before the sun sets.

So, you can either cover more places in a day or increase the trip duration to ensure that you don’t miss out on any attraction. And with the longer days, you can be sure of covering multiple places within a day.

Amazing view of Angkor Wat down from Angkor Tom on late evening

5. Followed by sitting on the FCC balcony at the end of a hot day to cool off and unwind.

Locals and tourists relax and enjoy drinks on a summer evening at FCC Cambodia

The Foreign Correspondent’s Club restaurant & bar is a perfect place to head to after sightseeing under the summer sun. The gastropub is known for its fusion cuisine, live music, and beer – just enough for you to relax and cool off.

Timings: 6 am to midnight


6. And you will still have time to explore the Cambodia nightlife.

A late evening shot of the Eclipse Sky Bar and the beautiful evening sky in the backdrop

You can, of course, enjoy the nightlife in Cambodia irrespective of your time of visit. But the experience is enhanced should you visit these places after a hot day in Cambodia in summer. What’s more? The other months might be either too cold or too rainy, thereby spoiling the laid-back feel of the country’s nightlife.

People dancing at the chic JJs Playground in Cambodia

7. The weather in Cambodia in Summer is not that bad.

A snapshot of the weather in Cambodia in summer

And before we conclude, we wish to break the hackneyed notion of visiting Cambodia in June, May, or April. While the temperatures may be a little on the higher side in May and April, summer in Cambodia is never really unbearable. In fact, it starts raining in the latter half of May, thereby resulting in a further drop in the temperatures in Cambodia.

And though the weather of Cambodia is such that the country starts receiving heavy rainfall in the later part of summers, the rain doesn’t last very long. It rains for a short while in late afternoon or evening, leading to small really short windows of beautiful skies with dark clouds and amazing displays of thunder & lightning.

Do you still have your reservations against visiting Cambodia in summer? Drop us a comment and we’ll try to help you plan your summer holiday in Cambodia in the best possible way.

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Now You Can Win A Stay At The Great Wall Of China. Find Out How!

Here’s is an interesting proportion for all the wanderlusts out there! Airbnb is offering a dreamy stay at the Great Wall of China to 4 selected people, and it could your golden chance to spend the most memorable night ever. While Airbnb has been known to make exceptional offers in the past, this time around they are offering a remarkable stay right in the Great Wall of China which would let travelers experience the wonder at its best.

The Great Wall of China draws a massive footfall on a daily basis, as many as 27000 visitors every day. Airbnb will pick 4 lucky people this fall to stay in the Great Wall of China for a night and savor magical experiences. This offer comes into the light after Airbnb partnered with the Beijing Tourism Development Committee in order to spread awareness for heritage site protection and initiate the cultural exchange.

acj-0307-great-wall-of-china-airbnb (4)

This stay is believed to be unique and one of its kind experience for travelers at one of the modern wonders of the world, stretching almost 13000 miles. And it’s completely free!

acj-0307-great-wall-of-china-airbnb (3)

1. One night stay for 4 people and their guests from September 4-7, with the entire wall at their disposal
2. To be the lucky one, the contestants will need to submit a write up of 550 characters or less stating why they consider it important to break down barriers between cultures, and how they would use their time at the Great Wall to build new connections. All the participants are required to submit their entries here by 11 August. Winners will be chosen based on the creativity and originality of the answer.

acj-0307-great-wall-of-china-airbnb (2)

Also, apart from the famed accommodation, there is an ancient division of the wall which offers a sunset dinner, a calligraphy lesson, and a classical music concert. In addition to all this, the winners will also be offered a momentous hike through China’s countryside and will also get to learn more about the Great Wall’s history. Walking the Great Wall of China is another exciting thing you can do during the stay. It has also been confirmed that the winners will be offered plane tickets to fly to the Great Wall from different parts of the globe. Moreover, there are a few more Great Wall of China tours that you might be interested in! A momentous night at the Great Wall of China awaits you. Time to put your grey cell to work!

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5 Best Resorts In Coimbatore And The Neighboring Areas

Coimbatore – the Manchester of India – is known for its textile industries. But, other than that, there are few attractions that the city boasts of. And so, many consider it to be only a gateway to Ooty or cities in North Kerala. But the best resorts in Coimbatore are delightful options for a staycation. And to help you narrow down on your list, we have listed the finest resorts in and around Coimbatore. Have a look!

Take a look at all the great options before planning your trip to Coimbatore. We have given options keeping every kind of traveler and budget in mind.

5. Corniche Inn Resort: An Escape In The Serene Environs Of Anaikatti

A collage of the various views at the Corniche Inn Resort in Coimbatore

Just outside the city lies the Corniche Inn Resort that offers an escape from the mundane city affairs. Those planning to unwind & relax in nature’s lap in the city will find some of the best resorts in Coimbatore, such as this one, a perfect place for holidaying. Giant green mountains & spiraling valleys, fed with river waters, provide plenty of avenues for trekking in the mystic world of Anaikatti. It’s charming location makes it one of the best hill resorts in Coimbatore ideal for honeymooners and couples.

Tariff: INR 1,500 per night onwards

Location: 11/10, Thadagam Road,Jambukandy, Anaikatti, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641108

Website | Reviews

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4. Bungalow Club Coimbatore: Elegant Modernity With Timeless Hospitality

A snap of the swimming pool and the surrounding cottages at the Bungalow Club Resort in Coimbatore

There are not many Coimbatore resorts that can match up to the elegance and the picturesque surroundings that define the Bungalow Club Resort. The chic resort in the lush green environment of the Western Valley is perfect for corporate conferences, events, parties, wedding celebrations, & family holidays. Amenities here include romantic candle-lit dinner, multi-cuisine dinner, rooms with separate lawn, bar, swimming pool, match-screenings by the pool, and a children’s play area. Owing to its conference rooms loaded with modern tech facilities, it’s one of the best resorts in Coimbatore for team outings and corporate trips.

Tariff: INR 3,500 per night onwards

Location: Onapalayam, Vadavalli (to) Thondamuthur Road, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641109

A night shot of the Bungalow Club Resort in Coimbatore

Website | Reviews

3. Black Thunder Resort: A Water-Theme Park With A Chic Stay Option

A view of the main residential building at the Black Thunder Resort in Coimbatore

What’s better than a family holiday at a water park with tons of water rides? I’ll tell you what! It’s staying in the premises of the water park, in comfortable rooms with all essential amenities. And this is exactly where Black Thunder Resort beats the rest of the best resorts in Coimbatore for lovers. Of course, it also takes pride in mentioning its convenient location; not very far from either the airport or the city’s must-see attractions.

Tariff: INR 4,500 per night onwards

Location: Ooty Main Road, Mettupalayam, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641305

A collage of the various scenes at the Black Thunder Resort in Coimbatore

Website | Reviews

Planning to stay right in the lap of nature away from the hustle and bustle of Coimbatore? Check out the options given below:

2. DVARA Siruvani: A Fusion Of Traditional And Contemporary Architecture

A shot of the lawn and cottages at Dvara Siruvani Resort in Coimbatore

DVARA at Siruvani offers a peek into the generations-old Tamil culture; with antiques from all over the state and simple hospitality. It’s, in fact, one of the best resorts in Coimbatore for wedding ceremonies for those who wish to wed in the traditional Keralite style! The experience is further enhanced by the Aaharam Restaurant – which serves the best dishes of Chettinad & Continental cuisines – and Aarogyam spa. There’s also a plunge pool. All-in-all, it is a great option among the holiday resorts near Coimbatore.

Tariff: INR 5,500 per night onwards

Location: Perumal Kovil Pathy Karunya Post, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641101

A shot of the lawn and cottages from inside another cottage at Dvara Siruvani Resort in Coimbatore

Website | Reviews

1. Coco Lagoon by Great Mount: Nestled Away Amidst Lush Greenery

The garden villa cottage at the Great Mount Resort near Coimbatore

Coco Lagoon by Great Mount is arguably the best option among all the resorts in and around Coimbatore. Our argument? It features warmly-lit elegant rooms, each with ample writing space, sofa, & private balcony. Outdoor-pool, spa, games’ room, business centre, shops, and gymnasium; the resort has it all. And all this is available at a very central, yet scenic, location; 30 km away from popular attractions like Anamalai Tiger Reserve & Aliyar Dam, 40 km from the railway station, and 45 km from the airport. It’s convenient distance from popular attractions and major transport facilities makes it one of the finest resorts in Coimbatore for family outings.

Tariff: INR 6,500 per night onwards

Location: Meenkarai Road, Vazhaikombu Nagoor, Coimbatore District, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu 642103

great-mount-resort-kw-260817-The cottages by the water body at the Great Mount Resort near Coimbatore

Website | Reviews

Still confused? See if the following common questions help you out:

1. Which are the best resorts in Coimbatore with swimming pool?

Almost every resort in Coimbatore has a swimming pool or a plunge pool. But the plunge pool at DVARA and the swimming pool at the Bungalow Club are the best. Other than these, the Celebrity Resort in Coimbatore also has lavish pool services.

2. What are the places near Coimbatore for one day trip?

Coimbatore does have some centuries-old, Dravidian-style temples. To the northwest lies the Arulmigu Subramaniaswamy Temple, Marudhamalai. The Arulmigu Patteeswarar Swamy Temple lies southeast of here. A huge collection of preserved animals and tree trunks can be found at the Gass Forest Museum in the center. Anamalai Tiger Reserve, Singanallur Lake, Monkey Falls, Siruvani Waterfalls, and Black Thunder Waterpark are the other attractions that one can cover while staying at the resorts in and around Coimbatore. Other than this, Sterling Resorts in Coimbatore can offer well organised day trips to the nearby places at affordable rates.

Planning to book yourself a comfortable and memorable Kerala tour? How about we help you customize your trip so that you can spend some time in one of the above-listed best resorts in Coimbatore or its vicinity? You can thank us later!

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Nandi Hills: The Hidden Gem In The South That Proves Not All The Best Places Are On The Map

They say ‘the best places are often off the map’, and we don’t deny it at all. Discovered by tourists over the years, Nandi Hills in Karnataka is the perfect testimony to this and has become a famous holiday spot now. Though, surrounded with breathtaking views, spectacular attractions, and surreal experiences, this place is still a tiny hidden gem located in the south.

Ideal for both a quick getaway and a long refreshing escape, Nandi is an absolute paradise to be in. But, if you’re still wondering if you should visit it or not, scroll down and take a look at everything from why you must visit the best places to see because you surely wouldn’t want to regret later.

  • This place is drop-dead gorgeous
  • It is just a road trip away from Bangalore
  • It is home to the site from where Tipu Sultan used to get his prisoners pushed off
  • All the prominent dignitaries like Queen Elizabeth II, Mahatma Gandhi, and more have enjoyed a stay here
  • You can visit this place at any time of the year
  • Every view is worth a thousand Instagram likes

weather in nandi hills

One of the best things about this place is that it can be visited at any time of the year. All you’ve got to do is pick a date and pack your bags. However, if you’re looking for the ideal weather, then plan your trip between October to May, since the temperature during this time ranges from 10 to 40 degrees Celsius. The remaining months, which are June to September often receive moderate rainfall, which keep the hills drenched throughout the time. Besides that, Nandi Hills weather can be enjoyed throughout the year.

nandi hills by road

Being a small hill station in Karnataka, this place can be reached by all modes of commute, i.e. by air, train, and road, but not directly except by road. If you’re wondering how to reach Nandi Hills from Bangalore, well, the nearest airport is Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore from where you can hire a cab or taxi.

If you wish to experience the train journey, then the nearest station where you can deboard is Chikkaballapur from where both buses and taxis are available. But, if you’re looking for a short road trip, you can cover the distance of 60 km between Bangalore and Nandi by driving yourself.

getting around

The hill station has both auto rickshaws and taxis, which you can use for commuting within the city. However, the best way to witness its beauty in all its glory is to explore it on foot. If you’re coming by car from Bangalore to Nandi Hills, then you don’t need to worry, since you can go about in your private vehicle.

Here are all the fabulous places to visit in this nature’s delight. Though there aren’t any specific Nandi Hills timings, these places have opening hours of their own that you need to keep in mind before visiting.

1. Tipu’s Drop

tipu's drop

Located on a hilltop on a cliff which is 600 metres above the elevated ground, Tipu’s Drop is one of the oldest and most famous tourist attractions in Nandi. While this place is known for being the cliff from where the prisoners were pushed off, it also offers a spellbinding view of the town. It is the best Nandi Hills view point for gazing at splendid views of the town below.

Ideal Duration: 1 hour
Timings: 6:00 AM to 6:30 AM

2. Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple

Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple

Also known as Nandi Temple, this place which dates back to the 9th century is one of the oldest temples in Karnataka. Its beautiful complex set up at the base of the hills boasts a spellbinding architecture, which makes a visit to this place worth a dime and your time.

Ideal Duration: 1 hour
Timings: 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM

3. Tipu’s Summer Residence

tipu's summer residence

Another popular place to see in Nandi is Tipu’s Summer Residence, which he also used to refer as Tashk-e-jannat. It is made mainly of wood and boasts carved arches and pillars along with beautifully painted walls & ceilings. This place is definitely a must-see on your trip.

Ideal Duration: 1 hour
Timings: NA

4. Brahmashram


The cave was used by then Sage Ramakrishna Paramhansa for meditation, and now has become a popular tourist attraction. If you’re more of a peace seeker, then this place near Nandi Hills in Bangalore is the perfect spot to visit for rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul.

Ideal Duration: 2 hours
Timings: NA

Amrita Sarovar

The Amrita Sarovar is a major source of water supply near the Nandi region. These perennial springs had formed what is known today as the Lake of Nectar, a stunning spectacle that you cannot miss out on your Nandi Hills trip in Karnataka. The shimmering waters of this pristine lake are a must visit after sundown when the moon and stars light it up!


Muddenahalli happens to be a tiny village located just 7 km from the Chikballapur district in Karnataka. The village houses a memorial dedicated to M. Visvesvarayya, a famous artist of Mysore. It also has a very popular museum that has a wide collection of writings, paintings, and photographs of him on display. You can also find the ancestral home of M. Visvesvarayya right next to the museum. Located alongside the museum is his samadhi that is a humble reminder of his great contribution to Indian art. Apart from these, one should also check out places like the Anjaneya Temple, Baanathi Bande, and Antharagange located close by.

If you think all that this place has are tourist attractions, you’re mistaken. There’s also a lot of adventure that awaits you here:

1. Cycling

cycling in naqndi hills

Be it biking or cycling, the spectacular landscape, terrific terrain, and the majestic altitude makes it a top thing to do in the hills. We can vouch that paddling amidst the breezy ambience of the hills would surely turn out to be the most soul-satisfying experience of your trip.

2. Take a walk along the hills

walkway in nandi hills

While there’s so much to see and do in Nandi, the best experience to have is to take a stroll on the walkway along the hills in the morning or evening. You would not only get to witness charm of the town, but also capture the beauty of nature with your eyes at its best.

3. Paragliding

paragliding in nandi

Being amongst the few places in the state, Nandi offers an extraordinary flying experience to travelers of all kinds. Paragliding amidst the lush green hills and serene valleys, you’d definitely have the time of your life. Just make sure, you have checked the weather beforehand and scheduled your flight accordingly.

Nandi Hills has some amazing and super cheap accommodation options to ensure you have a comfortable stay and a relaxing holiday.

1. Nandi Hills Resort

nandi hills resort

Surrounded with natural beauty in all its glory, this place one of the best Nandi Hills hotels that offer a true experiential stay. Luxury, comfort, and hospitality aren’t just words for them to impress their guests, rather attributes that are quite visible in their services.

Price: NA
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
Location: Nandi Foothills, Nandi Hobli, Chikkaballapur Taluk & District, Chikkaballapur, Karnataka
Website | Reviews

2. Nehru Nilaya

nehru nilaya

Absolutely ideal for a budget stay in Nandi Hills, accommodation at this place is offered by the Horticulture Department as per the guest’s needs. The rooms feature the old-world charm, have homelike comfort, and are spacious enough irrespective of whether it’s a cottage or a suite.

Price: INR 1,000 and above (double-sharing and depends on the room type)
TripAdvisor Rating: 2.5/5
Location: Nandi Hills, Karnataka
Website | Reviews

3. Mount Palazzo

mount palazzo

If you’re looking for good hotels near Nandi Hills , then Mount Palazzo is the perfect place to stay. Nestled amidst picturesque hills, this hotel offers the best of hospitality and comfort for making your holiday memorable. From indulging in various indoor games to savoring their chef’s delectable cuisines, there’s a lot at this place that would pamper you.

Price: INR 1,999 and above (double-sharing)
TripAdvisor Rating: 3/5
Location: 42/1 Karahalli cross, Nandi Hills Main Road, Devanahalli Taluq, Bangalore, Karnataka
Website | Reviews

  • While you can visit this hill station at any time of the year, it is best to avoid a holiday during the monsoon.
  • If you come across monkeys or stray dogs, avoid feeding them anything.
  • Make sure the windows and doors of your car are shut at all the times.
  • Since this place has very limited food options, prefer carrying your own packaged food.
  • Try and get back to your hotel by 6 PM since it gets dark quite early.
  • If you’re traveling along with your family, keep a watch at your kids as most of the roads have very steep edges.
  • Don’t forget to carry your camera as there are a lot of picturesque places in Nandi.
  • If you’re driving to Nandi via your own car, prefer parking it at the parking (taxi or bus stand) and walk all the way up to the hills as it is more convenient and time-saving.
  • To avoid crimes, mostly all the places are closed for tourists around 6 PM. So, make sure you plan your itinerary accordingly and do not wander on the streets after that.
  • If possible, try and wake up early so that you can witness the beautiful Nandi hills sunrise.

Nandi is a gorgeous place near Bangalore, and needless to say it is worth traveling to all the way for a refreshing holiday experience. So, don’t think further and get ready to head out on the road not taken! Book your trip to Karnataka right away and experience sheer bliss amidst nature.